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About Midnight Mayhem

Welcome to Midnight Mayhem!
We are an international guild concentrated in Europe, but we will accept people from all over the world. We seek for mature (in attitude!), friendly and cheerful people who enjoy chatting and joking while hanging around in the game. Our main goal is to take the notion of 'fun' onto a whole new level while keeping in mind that we're playing with other real people - and that's our motto :)

We are a very liberal group with no strict requirements or rules, however we do require a mature approach to everything we're doing and not bringing any drama into the group. We're running an organised Guild Events system, and each and every member is allowed and encouraged to organise guild outings the way they want.

Our core group first started their MMO journey in 2006 under the name of Cabal on various Lineage 2 servers, and our aim was always to have fun and enjoy playing with other people, as MMOs are all about that. Since then we wandered from game to game (mainly Guild Wars, Lineage 2, Aion & Runes of Magic) with a small group of friends, waiting for Guild Wars 2. In GW2 we want to continue the tradition and achieve our main focus: to create a family-like community of gamers who enjoy both PvE & PvP.

If You're interested, visit our forums :)


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End of Daylight saving time

by Layfon91, 1726 days ago

Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013.

All our events will be at gmt+0 (UK time) starting from tomorrow's missions.

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End of Summer Beach Party - 20.10 (Sunday), 3.00pm GMT+1

by Layfon91, 1738 days ago

Let's celebrate together the first year in GW2(even if a bit too late :p) and the end of the summer, with a social event in Southsun!

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Time: 3pm GMT+1
Place: Pearl Islet Waypoint, Southsun

We'll start the event by gathering at Pearl Islet Waypoint, in Southsun, to prepare us to slay the Karka Queen.
After the queen is dead; we'll move to Lion Point Waypoint, to have our beach party.

During the beach party MM will provide a bonfire aswell as a banquet with drinks and more!
When we are drunk enough we'll start brawling using the witch cauldrons, potions or your own costumes.

If you have a witch costume let me know in this post

Also feel free to help us advertise the event using this message:
Code: Select all
On 20/10 (Sunday) at 3pm GMT+1 MM is holding a social event! Everyone from the server is welcome to join us at Pearl Islet Waypoint, in Southsun. Check gunnars-hold.eu for details =)

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Blood and Madness - October 15th

by desmodium, 1743 days ago

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Blood and Madness - October 15th patch

Hit the image for the release page

- Quality of Life improvements: tooltips, condition damage info, ground targeting,...
- Balance: improved support builds
- Halloween content with minis and a mask
- Mad King's Labyrinth
- Mad King's Clocktower
- Lunatic Inquisition mini-game
- WvW first season

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Tequatl Raid - September 26

by desmodium, 1756 days ago

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The beast is going down! Combined forces from the server are trying a coordinated attack on Tequatl.

Start gathering at 6.30 pm gmt+1 and the try will be as soon as he shows his ugly head after 7 pm gmt+1, September 26.

We will be using the community mumble (required) and read the guide on dulfy for gear, food, strategy,...

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